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A World on Fire

Armegeddon: Keys and sound effects by Tomas. Song Vision by Ken Empson.

Ecology: Tomas-PRS guitars, sequenced Bass, Alesis Drums. Ken-Sequencer programming and vocal effects.

Katrina: PRS guitars, Jazz dual bass, drums by Tomas.

Only I Know: PRS guitars, Moog Bass, drums by Tomas. Brother Rockin' Rick (Dragon Music) does the lead vocals for us on this one. Ken just does the Engineering!! (grin)

Pound: Baldwin Pianos, Arp and Moog synths, Roland String Ensemble, Tamborine, Sitar, drums, Fender Jazz Bass, Pounding noises, Flute, various percusions, gtrs by Tomas. Whispered Pound, sequencing, GT-5 programming and everything else by Ken.

Dreams (endless): Guitars, vocals, drums, bass, B3 Hammond by Tomas. GT-5 programming by Ken.

POV: B3 Hammond, PRS guitars, drums, vocals by Tomas. Although uncredited on the CD, many thanks go to the Peculiar City Orchestra for their unique contribution to the final sequence of this piece.

The Fires Within: Om-a-tron, Guitars, drums, bass, most vocals by Tomas. OM-a-tron created by Ken. Tessa Mott (T-Mott-O Productions) joins us for backing vocals during the chorus. This is a long sequence and will take forever to download. It is well worth the wait. Be Patient.

There are six (6) more songs that space prohibits linking to.

And Love, and Time

The RingBinder Suite: The Gates; Illuvatar's Keys; The Ringbinder; Melkor's Hand

The Ecology March


all songs composed by Tomas Blac and Ken Empson

copyright BlempTYPE Music, 1998

Recorded using PowerTracks Pro Audio by PGMusic, Inc

For the best in Audio Soundcards, we use Wave/4 by GadgetLabs

Recorded at Peculiar Sound Studios, Peculiar, Mo.

Mastered at WestEnd Studios, Kansas City, Ks.

Manufactured in Canada by Amtech, Inc

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