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The Peculiar Sound Studio
Is proud to announce the release of our 2nd CD
Food for Fishes

1 year in the making has finally brought us to our 2nd full length production:
Food for Fishes
 Shipwreck, Food for Fishes, SouthSeas Rescue : Travel with us as we embark on a Journey to Sea, destined for the Ocean Floor. One lone survivor, lost at sea, clinging desparately to a family's memory. As despair overcomes and our survivor ends life as Food for Fishes.

TheBurn : One lonely man, desperate for love, finds more than his soul can endure. "She burns my lies, yeah she burns my soul".

Anthem/The Cause : A soaring, uplifting guitar solo bringing the feeling of hope to the listener. Giving us an Anthem to raise. Resolving into a lonely soul's cry for the world. "My soul cries out for Love and release from the pain."

Spike and the Eye : A humorous look at how one man deals with infedelity. Featuring Tommy Studdard on vocals.

Commute/ The Clock : Punch the Clock, take the train home, beat the rush and it rains all weekend. Get up, go to work and go home, then do it again. "Feels like a dream..My reality...and the Clocks seem... to score the time... counting". Featuring Rockin' Rick on vocals.

16 songs in all, with a bit of a surprise at the end. Food for Fishes gives the listener nearly 70 minutes of original material by Ken Empson/Tomas Blac - founders of The Peculiar Sound Studio.
4 prime cuts are available for quick listening at the Tomas Blac site at
Full length CDs are available from Riffage.
Or by contacting the Peculiar Sound Studio

When the MIDI has got to be right, it's got to be PowerTracks Pro Audio by PG Music, Inc.
For Audio and Mastering, we use no other. Samplitude Studio/2496 by SEK'D.
Simply the most powerful audio editing/mastering software on the market.
If you found us, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at the Peculiar Sound Studio.